Download Flames of Fury : Life and Death in the Fdny – Joe Corso pdf

Flames of Fury : Life and Death in the Fdny

Life as a firefighter is not easy. Its full of danger and drama. This is the true story of the extraordinary brotherhood of men who face extreme danger every day inside the New York City fire department. Firefighting is a world of absolutes: evil is a red devil that wants destruction and death, good is a charged hose line, full of water to fight the flames. The best and boldest firefighters in the country, the men of Engine 24-picked to fight not just the biggest fires but any other emergency New York can throw at them. The story takes place in 1960's New York. Joe Corso vividly depicts the moments of truth, when ordinary men watch their brothers are die, and that to live with themselves, to take another single breath, they too must be prepared to lay down their lives. This is the first book in the "Flames Of Fury" series.

Author: Joe Corso
ISBN: 9781505931136
Pages: 62 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 28.90 Mb


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