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Building Analysis Report : The Home Inspection Factbook

The home inspection report form you use is just as vital as the flashlight you carry while getting your job done successfully. No matter how thorough your inspection or how vast your technical knowledge, if your customer and their agent don't easily understand your report, you're out of business! HomeTech Publishing would like to introduce you to the most widely used and respected home inspection report in the industry today – The HomeTech Building Analysis Report. Every year over 100,000 home inspections are written using this easy to use, easy to understand report. Our report is 20 pages long with 3 NCR copies. Unlike other systems that are comprised of loose sets of NCR paper, the HomeTech Building Analysis Report comes fully assembled and covered with a glossy cover that is recognized by real estate agents throughout the country. Join hundreds of the country's best inspectors who depend on HomeTech to deliver the very best!

Author: Hometech Publishing
ISBN: 9781628148527

Format: PDF
Size: 34.25 Mb


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