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Fire Dynamics

NIST fire protection engineer Daniel Madrzykowski and fire service veterans Lt. John Ceriello and Chief Ted Nee cover the fire dynamics requirements of NFPA 1001, explaining the science behind fire behavior and how the science applies to the fireground. Using real world examples and experiments, Madrzykowski describes the basic science of the fire tetrahedron and heat transfer and applies it to fire dynamics inside structures (e.g., flowpaths and the effects of ventilation and wind). Nee and Ceriello illustrate how fireground tactics affect fire dynamics, underscoring how that knowledge can facilitate better tactical decisions and safety. Run time: 51 Minutes.

Author: Daniel Madrzykowski, Ted Nee, John Ceriello
ISBN: 9781593703400

Format: PDF
Size: 19.24 Mb


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