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Rsmeans Interior Cost Data

RSMeans Interior Cost Data 2015 includes up to 16,000 unit costs, including productivity data, for new facilities, upgrades, renovation projects, even downsizing projects of any size, scope or location in the country. All aspects of finish work have been drawn together into one easy-to-use source. It's all here equipment, hardware, custom work, furnishings, labor costs and more. Special note about contract estimating & bidding: More and more interior projects are being handled on a fixed price basis. JOC, DOC, and SABER contracts stipulate current-year RSMeans costs. If you estimate or bid these contracts or think you might Interior Cost Data is for you.

Author: Marilyn Phelan
ISBN: 9781940238593
Pages: 787 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 21.27 Mb


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