Download 29 Cfr OSHA 1926 Construction Regulations (July 2012 Edition) – Mancomm pdf

29 Cfr OSHA 1926 Construction Regulations (July 2012 Edition)

MANCOMM's OSHA Construction Regulations book will make teaching your students about OSHA's regulations in the construction industry much easier. This essential construction resource is made with RegLogicr Premium, a unique graphical approach which takes the difficulty out of navigating and understanding this complex information. Inside you will find: o Part 1903 – Inspections, Citations, and Proposed Penalties o Part 1904 – Recording and Reporting Occupational Injuries and Illnesses o Part 1910 – Selected General Industry Topics o Part 1926 – Construction o OSHA Forms 300, 300A, and 301 o OSHA Interpretations o Quick-Find Index Also included are: the OSHA 300 Log, Sharps Injury Log, incident report forms, selected OSHA letters of interpretation, and a listing of OSHA locations and phone numbers.

Author: Mancomm
ISBN: 9781599593838

Format: PDF
Size: 39.21 Mb


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