Download Designing and Building with Uhpfrc – Jacques Resplendino, Fran?ois Toulemonde pdf

Designing and Building with Uhpfrc

This book contains the proceedings of the international workshop "Designing and Building with Ultra-High Performance Fibre-Reinforced Concrete (UHPFRC): State of the Art and Development," organized by AFGC, the French Association for Civil Engineering and French branch of fib, in Marseille (France), November 17-18, 2009. This workshop was focused on the experience of a lot of recent UHPFRC realizations.Through more than 50 papers, this book details the experience of many countries in UHPFRC construction and design, including projects from Japan, Germany, Australia, Austria, USA, Denmark, the Netherlands, Canada… and France. The projects are categorized as novel architectural solutions, new frontiers for bridges, new equipments and structural components, and extending the service life of structures. The last part presents major research results, durability and sustainability aspects, and the updated AFGC Recommendations on UHPFRC.

Author: Jacques Resplendino, Fran?ois Toulemonde
ISBN: 9781118557839

Format: PDF
Size: 10.10 Mb


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