Download The Complete Lab Manual for Renewable Energy – Albert F. Cutter, Chuck Ammond pdf

The Complete Lab Manual for Renewable Energy

The Complete Lab Manual for Renewable Energy, First Edition, features hands-on activities using simple, affordable materials to help students master the performance and controls of renewable energy systems, including grid-tied and standalone solar, wind, hydrogen, and fuel cell systems. Going beyond simple component connections, the text provides step-by-step guidelines to design, assess, and optimize systems by adjusting variables and analyzing outcomes. The text begins by introducing basic electronic concepts and procedures, such as parallel and series wiring of supplies and loads, measuring DC voltages and current, and monitoring AC waveforms. The authors then explore more advanced topics, including the proper wiring, testing, and evaluation of systems under different conditions. Labs are designed for use with common, extensively used commercial products to help students become familiar with the kinds of systems and components they are likely to encounter in their professional careers. In addition, instructor's notes on key principles for each lab, sample analyses to review, and graphs for students to complete make teaching each lab simple and effective.Suitable for trade and technology students, apprentices, and working professionals, this innovative text is perfect for anyone interested in gaining experience with alternative energy systems through hands-on learning.

Author: Albert F. Cutter, Chuck Ammond
ISBN: 9781285185040
Pages: 384 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 35.19 Mb


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