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Public Cable 1.0

This unique compilation is a pro-forma boiler plate building specification section. PUBLIC CABLE is written in three format, and named for (1995 outline) Section 13410 Electronic Wire and Cable. This comprehensive specification can serve as a guide to engineers and architects writing project specifications. Project Managers will also benefit having it when they responsible for these systems. What makes PUBLIC CABLE unique is the detailed Part 2 product specifications and tables. These are the aggregation of information and part numbers published by the major manufacturers of low voltage cables. A unique common reference is created for each cable construction and rating combination; a brand neutral number called the SDN for Specification Designation Number. Each SDN lists the corresponding commercially available manufacturers' part numbers. The result are tables that effectively compare, contrast and give common reference to nearly 2,000 manufacturer part numbers collected into more than 80 tables. Each table also corresponds to a detailed specification telling the make-up of the included cables. WHO SHOULD BUY THIS BOOK: EPCM professionals, architects, engineers, construction managers and purchasing managers for the construction industry. Also technical writers assembling manuals for alarm, sound, security, surveillance, control, communications, mass notification, audio, video, broadcast, CATV, wireless, building automation, temperature control and integrated systems. Technical writers can use the Part 2 tables to identify the interconnecting low voltage cables required complete system installation. Also, installers and aspiring installers of these systems, and distributors of system devices and these cables interconnecting them. Finally, anyone looking for a comprehensive cross-reference for part numbers offered by major manufacturers of low voltage cables. WHO SHOULD NOT BUY THIS BOOK: Aspiring installers looking for detailed installation or terminating instructions for low voltage cables should not purchase this book. Nor should engineers buy this book if they are looking for criteria for sizing cables or other aspects of cable selection such as shielded vs. unshielded, which shield style to specify, or which wire size, capacitance, or impedance should be selected. Public Cable 1.0 assumes these are known in advance and that the task at hand is identifying suitable manufacturers and part numbers.

Author: Armand Cable
ISBN: 9780988236400
Pages: 200 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 34.91 Mb


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