Download Construction Technology for High Rise Buildings : Handbook – Bassem Mulla Mahmoud pdf

Construction Technology for High Rise Buildings : Handbook

(Full Color on White paper) | This book is directed mainly toward construction management, construction engineering and concrete contractors, presented in a comprehensive format to emphasize the importance of the numerous specialist professions and trades, it has been supplemented extensively with new pictures and drawings illustrating typical construction details, processes and concepts.Chapter 1. Construction machines2. Material Lift Machines3. Personnel Lifts4. Tower Cranes5. Dewatering6. Drilled Shaft Foundations7. Shoring Systems (Earth Retaining Structures)8. Diaphragm walls (Slurry Walls)9. Ground anchors (Tiebacks)10. Basement Waterproofing Systems11. Shotcrete (Sprayed Concrete)12. Concrete13. Production of Concrete14. Transporting and Handling15. Concrete Consolidation, Finishing & Curing16. Introduction to Form Work17. Vertical and Horizontal Formwork Systems18. Stripping of Form work19. Joints in Concrete Structures20. Post-Tensioning and Mass concreting

Author: Bassem Mulla Mahmoud
ISBN: 9781511877329
Pages: 348 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 37.02 Mb


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