Download Hell on Earth : The Wildfire Pandemic – David L Porter, Lee Reeder pdf

Hell on Earth : The Wildfire Pandemic

The world is burning, and it appears that we are to blame. Conditions that create large-scale fire disasters are occurring more frequently every year, spurred on by global warming. And the potential for damage, loss of life, and greater harm to the environment is staggering. As devastating fires increase throughout the western and southern United States, the number of fires in the Brazilian rain forest continues to climb as well. Vast areas of the wilderness are dying, setting the stage for a human and environmental tragedy. David L. Porter has been covering wildfires in the West for more than twelve years. After losing his home to a wildfire in 2003, he set out to find how and why this was happening, in the United States and around the world. "Hell on Earth" chronicles the origins of these catastrophes as well as the effects they are having on our planet.

Author: David L Porter, Lee Reeder
ISBN: 9780765352545
Pages: 288 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 26.24 Mb


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