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Quality Assurance of Welded Construction

Since the first edition of this book was published, most developments in welding construction have been within the quality assurance element of the process rather than in welding technology itself. The continuous pressures from worldwide clients seeking better reliability from welded structures has focused much attention on to quality. The quality characteristic has a significant effect on safety and economy, and the never ending attention to cost effectiveness requires continuous attention to quality control and quality assurance. New materials, faster welding methods and the needs of economic design mean that such objectives must be carefully studied during the planning and execution of welded work. Quality Assurance in Welded Construction covers the essential aspects of the area, and is suitable for civil and structural engineering designers, welding engineers, manufacturing managers, inspectors and QA personnal. Included in the book are features and illustrations relating to defects in welded construction, a summary of essential data, and a substantial amount of information to assistin the task of getting welded structures right first time.

Author: N. T. Burgess
ISBN: 9780415515849

Format: PDF
Size: 33.44 Mb


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