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Sweets Unit Cost Guide

Keep your estimates, bids, specifications, and cost checks right on target with precise, thoroughly researched unit construction costs. Ensure data accuracy to your region with Sweets 1,000+ location modifiers. Sweets 2013 Unit Cost Guide. This indispensable tool gives you the highest available level of precision in predicting unit costs for: Demolition, Sitework, Concrete & Masonry, Metals, Woods & Plastics, Thermal & Moisture Protection, Doors & Windows, Finishes, Specialties, Equipment, Furnishings, Special Construction, Conveying Systems, Mechanical Systems, Electrical Systems, and MORE! The cost data you need every day – in CSI MASTERFORMAT with Geographic Cost Modifiers Over 14,000 updated component costs – for virtually every area of residential and light commercial construction

Author: Bni Publications
ISBN: 9781557017697
Pages: 558 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 33.96 Mb


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