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Structure and Performance of Cements

Drawing together a multinational team of authors, this second edition of Structure and Performance of Cements highlights the latest global advances in the field of cement technology. Three broad categories are covered: basic materials and methods, cement extenders, and techniques of examination. Within these categories consideration has been given to environmental issues such as the use of waste materials in cement-burning as supplementary fuels and new and improved methods of instrumentation for examining structural aspects and performance of cements. This book also covers cement production, mineralogy and hydration, as well as the mechanical properties of cement, and the corrosion and durability of cementitious systems. Special cements are included, along with calcium aluminate and blended cements together with a consideration of the role of gypsum in cements. Structure and Performance of Cements is an invaluable key reference for academics, researchers and practitioners alike.

Author: P. Barnes, J. Bensted
ISBN: 9780415512312
Pages: 584 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 38.69 Mb


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