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Kinetic Architecture : Designing with Movement

Since architecture is generally conceived and built as stationary and sturdy, kinetic architecture exerts an special fascination. It can be described as the outcome of integrating movement into the built environment. The form, size, position or state of a building alter in response to the changing requirements of its function, users or environment. Kinetic architecture comprises completely movable structures, movable components such as roofs or interior walls and alterations to a fa ade, for instance by integrating PCMs (phase-change materials). This book presents kinetic architecture as the answer to functional requirements: must the entire building be mobile, must it adapt to changing conditions or must it allow for quick assembly? It documents the various technical options for realizing kinetic structures. The range of applications stretches from a residential building with a completely kinetic facade to sliding apartment walls to folding or hydraulically retractable stadium roofs.

Author: Carolina Stevenson
ISBN: 9783034608077
Pages: 176 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 32.56 Mb


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