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Mechanical Ventilation in Buildings

Ventilation, either natural or mechanical, influences energy use or can impact on the lifetime performance of a building. Typically people spend around 90 per cent of their time in buildings – poor ventilation can have an effect on their comfort, health, well-being and productivity. Therefore, appropriate ventilation should be energy efficient and effective in relation to health and comfort. This issue is devoted to exploring new strategies for building ventilation, mainly relating to recent developments in mechanical ventilation systems. It promotes mechanical ventilation as an energy-efficient means of achieving good indoor air quality in buildings. Giving background on the subject of mechanical ventilation, and in particular, highlighting recent developments as illustration of the present state-of-the-art, this publication will be essential reading for architects, developers, designers, building services engineers and facilities managers.

Author: J. A. Hoskins, P. Jones
ISBN: 9783805571890
Pages: 64 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 21.96 Mb


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