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Significant Changes to the International Fire Code

Significant Changes to the 2009 International Fire Code is a comprehensive analysis of the changes to the 2009 International Fire Code (IFC) that are significant to design professionals, code officials, and the regulated communities. Updates to the code cover a broad range of subjects, including construction requirements for ambulatory health care occupancies, emergency responder radio coverage, fire protection system requirements for educational occupancies, fire service access elevators, building means of egress, hazardous materials such as silane and the use of hydrogen in fuel cells and vehicles, and fire protection of marinas. Each change analysis contains the affected code sections and identifies whether the text is new language, a modification of existing language, or has been deleted. With a clear, straightforward approach and detailed explanations, this is an invaluable tool for understanding the new and revised requirements in the 2009 IFC.

Author: Scott Stookey
ISBN: 9781435401204
Pages: 304 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 32.25 Mb


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