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Disaster & Recovery Planning : A Guide for Facility Managers

Newly revised and updated, the fourth edition of this bestselling resource addresses the complexities of disaster preparedness and business continuity. This edition includes the latest information on dirty bombs, and chemical and biological agents and weapons. Also updated in this edition are disaster planning and recovery issues, regulatory influences and emergency preparedness. This reference speaks to the issues of prevention, as well as "controlling" the effects of a disaster on a company s operations. Information is included on how to assess and manage the risk of bioterrorism. In addition, statistics cover various disaster/emergency declarations including Hurricane Katrina. Other critical areas covered include statistical data on workplace violence, regulator influence, effective mitigation strategies, enlisting the media s assistance in recovery planning, contingency planning, loss prevention, facility evacuation, employee training, chain of command, checklists, computer and data protection, bomb threat response, standby power, and self-inspection. "

Author: Joseph F Gustin
ISBN: 9781439844670
Pages: 436 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 36.49 Mb


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