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Hydraulics for Firefighting

This revised edition of Hydraulics for Firefighting effectively teaches hydraulics by addressing the underlying science in a basic, understandable way. Each chapter builds on the last with a logical, systematic approach. The simplification of this complex subject, including the updating of formulae, makes the text usable for both rookie and veteran firefighters and those preparing for promotional examinations. New features of this edition include: steps of pump operation, testing fire pumps, calculating hose lengths for foam educators, and an expanded rural water supply section. The book is ideal for college level courses and correlates to the course objectives of the Fire and Emergency Services in Higher Education (FESHE) model curriculum for Fire Protection Hydraulics & Water Supply, as well as an excellent solution for fire departments and fire academies training new pump operators.

Author: William F. Crapo
ISBN: 9781418064020
Pages: 288 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 28.65 Mb


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