Download Vehicle Rescue Handbook – Byron Andrews, John William Burrus, Andrea Walter pdf

Vehicle Rescue Handbook

All the must-have information necessary for a complete understanding of vehicle rescue training is highlighted in this straightforward new book that is based on the 2003 edition of NFPA Standard 1670, Operations and Training for Technical Rescue Incidents. It comprehensively examines all emergency service response challenges and techniques that are involved with vehicle incidents and extrication. Readers will gain the first-hand knowledge and skills needed to safely and effectively extricate victims from pin or entrapment situations, while attaining a basic understanding of vehicles and internal structures that includes recent advances in the field, such as air bags and hybrid engine technology. Valuable for college level instruction, as well as a training manual and reference tool for emergency response agencies and departments, this book provides a practical approach to critical job skills.

Author: Byron Andrews, John William Burrus, Andrea Walter
ISBN: 9781401850890
Pages: 416 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 37.61 Mb


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