Download Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Equipment : A Servicing and Installation Handbook – Stephen Gill, A. C. Bryant pdf

Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Equipment : A Servicing and Installation Handbook

"Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Equipment" is a clear and practical guide to the installation, testing and servicing of industrial and domestic refrigeration and air-conditioning units. Starting from the fundamentals through to detailed study of equipment and how to fit and commission it, this book contains all the essential underpinning information for a refrigeration engineer. The book has been written in line with latest requirements for refrigerant handling and the European F-Gas Regulations. It also emphasises the importance of energy efficiency and compliance with recent guidelines for energy use in refrigeration equipment. Suitable for use with City & Guilds 2078, 6087 and 6127 courses, and including for the first time summaries and self-test questions to support learning, this newly updated and expanded edition of well-established and trusted text continues to offer the best possible guide to refrigeration and air-conditioning. This title offers comprehensive coverage of all the essential knowledge for refrigeration and air-conditioning engineers. It is updated for the latest F-Gas regulations and energy efficiency requirements.It is suitable as a handbook and as a training tool for C&G 2078 (Handling Refrigerants).

Author: Stephen Gill, A. C. Bryant
ISBN: 9781856175142
Pages: 320 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 39.57 Mb


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