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2 Hour House : Leadership from the Ground Up

Is it possible to build a house in only two hours? Either they would prove the doubters wrong and go down in history, or they would go up in flames. Only time, the next few hours to be exact, would tell. A group of East Texas homebuilders dreamed of setting a new world record for building a 2,249 square foot house from the ground up. To do so, they would have to pour a concrete slab that hardened in only 22 minutes and paint the house in the same time it takes to brush your teeth. Plans called for a traditional home that met or exceeded code at every turn. It took two years of planning, 1,000 volunteers from every trade and more than a little luck to pull it off. It was an enormous puzzle with thousands of pieces. But once they dumped everything out of the box and onto the lot inside a new subdivision, would all of the pieces fit together? What this team learned about life, leadership and the persistence of the human spirit will motivate you to transform your own life, work and home from the ground up.

Author: Brian Conaway
ISBN: 9781419673429
Pages: 113 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 16.82 Mb


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