Download Residential Construction Academy Plumbing Video Set – Michael A Joyce, Hbi pdf

Residential Construction Academy Plumbing Video Set

Based on national skill standards and developed as an integrated part of the Residential Construction Academy: Plumbing package, this series introduces the basics of residential plumbing through a step-by-step approach that shows viewers what to expect when they perform a procedure. Content surveys everything from flaring and soldering techniques and roughing-in to the installation of such plumbing facilities as toilets, faucets, and tubs. Tools and materials are introduced, and a consistent emphasis on safety draws attention to important considerations for working on the job. This series is available either in a set of four 20-minute videos or in the form of one CD-ROM course.

Author: Michael A Joyce, Hbi
ISBN: 9781401848934

Format: PDF
Size: 36.71 Mb


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