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Rope Rescue Level 2, Tape 9

Rope Rescue, Level 2, Parts 1-6. In this program, we begin the first of a six-part series on intermediate rope rescue evolutions. Part One focuses on the procedures for safely securing the rope and equipment to suitable anchor sites. The advantages of the rappel rack and how to rappel on a single rope using the rappel rack are also discussed. In Part Two, we concentrate on how to ascend a fixed rope using soft rope grabs and mechanical ascenders. We will also discuss and demonstrate change of direction anchor attachments and critical angles as they apply to rope rescues. Part Three of intermediate rope rescue skills focuses on load sharing, load equalizing anchors and various rope grab techniques. Methods of releasing a rope or load under tension and double rope techniques for lowering a load are the focuses of Part Four. Part Five continues our intermediate rope rescue skills series with mechanical advantage systems. Our six-part intermediate rope rescue skills series concludes with the proper procedure to rig a mechanical advantage system and back-up delay. The procedure to secure a "victim" into a stokes basket will also be discussed.

Author: Primedia, (Primedia) Primedia
ISBN: 9781401816872

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