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Vehicle Extrication Video Series Tape 7

Tape 1: This tape demonstrates the difference between a "totaled" vehicle, and a "totally destroyed" vehicle. Modern vehicle construction and design features are also discussed, with an emphasis on rescue problems unique to newer vehicles. Tape 2: Lesson Two continues with a discussion of a sample rescue incident SOP and the four phases of vehicle rescues. The air chisel, air gun and reciprocating saw are demonstrated. Safety concerns are also addressed. Tape 3:This program demonstrates hydraulic porto-power rescue tools and tool preventative maintenance. This program also demonstrates basic stabilization techniques for a vehicle on its wheels. Tape 4: Lesson Four demonstrates windshield removal techniques using various extrication tools. This program also includes a discussion of patient safety concerns during glass-breaking evolutions and demonstrates techniques for removing side door window glass. Tape 5: This vehicle extrication lesson concentrates on jammed door removal and widening techniques. Tape 6: Total roof removal is a crucial part of an effective vehicle rescue operation. Find out the proper way to complete this task, along with effective steering wheel removal, column movement and dashboard jacking and rolling techniques. Tape 7:This rescue lesson takes you through all four phases of a vehicle rescue scenario, from initial size-up through rolling and jacking of the dash for proper patient access. Tape 8: This lesson looks at more specific rescue scenarios, demonstrating the proper ways to conduct your evolutions. Tape 9: We once again look at specific rescue scenarios, demonstrating the proper ways to conduct your evolutions using a brand-new GMC pickup truck. Tape 10:There are many safety precautions you must manage at a scene, and two that are sometimes overlooked are proper body mechanics and lifting. In this lesson, we take you through the proper ways to lift tools, handle patients and handle yourself at an incident.

Author: Primedia, (Primedia) Primedia
ISBN: 9781401817336

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