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Steerageway : How Employee Owners Set Direction Amid the Currents of Change

As a tribute to the company and its people, the recently retired CEO of Messer, Pete Strange, wrote this book to share the company's history with the whole Messer team. As he writes in the introduction: "This is a book about some people who used their ideas, their energy and their love to set direction for a company amid the currents of change. The story is about Messer Construction, but make no mistake – the subject of the book is leadership. The story will follow a timeline but only because history gives context to the choices and actions of the people. It was the people who made the difference. They created their own story, rather than allowing the times, the pressures, or the opportunities to dictate it for them. One goal for this book is to share some strategies that may help Messer leaders of the future… More important to me is the opportunity to share the stories of some amazing people who met the test of leadership – they helped others get better results, make better decisions, and think long term." Messer Construction officially began in 1932, although the genesis of the company was a decade earlier when Frank Messer and Jacob Warm ventured into the construction business with limited capital and a lot of entrepreneurial will. In many ways, it's the classic American Dream story, complete with two strong leaders, business obstacles, crucial early victories, subsequent shortfalls and learnings, and ultimately, success. And so the story begins…

Author: Peter S Strange
ISBN: 9781939324047
Pages: 171 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 37.36 Mb


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