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Complete Laboratory Manual for Electricity

The Complete Laboratory Manual for Electricity, 2E is the ultimate preparation resource for any curriculum dedicated to training electricians. From basic electricity through AC theory, transformers, and motor controls, all aspects of a typical electrical curriculum are explored in a single volume. Hands-on experiments that acquaint students with the theory and application of electrical concepts offer valuable experience in constructing a multitude of circuits such as series, parallel, combination, RL series and parallel, RC series and parallel, and RLC series and parallel circuits. Each lab features an explanation of the circuit to be connected, with examples of the calculations necessary to complete the exercise and step-by-step procedures for conducting the experiment. Labs use generic equipment and devices commonly found in most hardware stores and electrical supply houses, and a materials list details the components necessary to perform all of the exercises.

Author: Ros Herman
ISBN: 9781401884345
Pages: 464 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 11.32 Mb


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