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Fire and Cellular Polymers

This conference, organised jointly by QMC Wolfson Fire & Materials Centre (Queen Mary College) and the Fire Research Station, held at the Tara Hotel in London, UK, was well attended by a wide range of experts in the production and use of polymer foams. Other experts concerned with research, development, testing, specifying, approving and purchasing products incorporating polymer foams for use in the construction, engineering and furniture industries were also present and contributed to the several valuable discussions on specific topics. The conference was successful and achieved its aim of infonning delegates of the fire characteristics of these materials and how they can be assessed in the light of the latest knowledge and technology. The papers presented a wide-ranging review of the main important cellular polymers and their applications in different environments where fire hazards have been encountered. Delegates accepted that there was a continuing need for major growth in the use of cellular polymers and therefore intensified research into development of improved test procedures, fire retardants and smoke suppressants was required.

Author: J.M. Buist, Etc.
ISBN: 9781851660896
Pages: 331 pages
Format: PDF
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