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HomeTech Housebuilders Cost Estimator : Kentucky 4, Ashland & Vicinity

HomeTech Publishing Housebuilders Cost Estimator is more than a reference book it's an entire estimating system. It's a system that lets you estimate complete houses in minutes, quickly double-check subcontractor bids, and get fast, easy access to labor and material costs for virtually every house you'll ever build. Every item in the book has been researched to bring you the most up-to-date costs thousands of items specifically researched for custom home building. Every cost printed in the book you order is specific to your local area no other estimating system can deliver that kind of accuracy. Our 25 categories are organized in the same order you would build the project. HomeTech Publishing doesn't lump a big portion of what you do under a non-specific category such as "wood & plastics." Our categories are more specific, and include sections like site work, framing, concrete, excavation, plumbing, and electrical.

Author: Hometech Publishing
ISBN: 9781628147087
Pages: 244 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 39.19 Mb


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