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Energy Security for Industrial Facilities

The current world energy situation makes the subject of energy security a timely topic. It is not a simple subject; it is multifaceted. It embraces efforts throughout your plant to "squeeze" the most useful production out of each kilojoule of kilowatt-hour you get "energy-lean". It requires inventory through the auditing of your energy use. It calls for prioritizing your operations. It includes protecting your facilities from sabotage, vandelism, industrial terrorism, or catastrophes of nature. Novel energy supply strategies should be considered for options such as multifueling and waste stream energy exploitation. All of these exploratory studies result in strategic and tactical planning of your response to energy emergencies. The result is an Energy Contingency Plan, written, but always dynamic – never static.

Author: Peter A. Broussard
ISBN: 9780878144129
Pages: 200 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 31.43 Mb


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