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Bungalow : American Restoration Style

Classic, adaptable, livable–it's clear why the bungalow is such an enduring, popular house type. And now Cigliano and Smalling have made clear how to restore a bungalow–authentically, stylishly, and affordably. From a Chicago Prairie School-influenced home to a California Mission home, readers are taken on a tour of five bungalows of different styles and locales, and guided through the historical, architectural, and decorating issues that impact all bungalows. Color and black-and-white photographs highlight detailed explanations about restoring every room of a bungalow, with special attention given to the hallmarks of bungalow living. Generations of bungalow owners, drawn to its clean simplicity, will appreciate this sensitive, thorough, and inspirational restoration guide.

Author: Jan Cigliano, Walter Smalling
ISBN: 9780879058524
Pages: 112 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 33.23 Mb


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