Download Automotive Electricity & Electronics: Video Set 1 on CD-Rom – Delmar pdf

Automotive Electricity & Electronics: Video Set 1 on CD-Rom

Whether used independently, or as a companion to our Today's Technician: Automotive Electricity & Electronics, 3rd Edition book, this two-set video series is the ideal window for future technicians into one of the most complex and rapidly changing areas of automotive technology. Bringing abstract electrical theory and complex automotive electronics to life, the first set of four, full-color, attention-grabbing videos provides helpful insights into automotive sources of electricity, the behavior of series, parallel and series-parallel circuits, and general electrical system diagnosis. Equipped with the knowledge technicians need to identify common electrical symbols in service manual schematics and use wiring diagrams during diagnosis of electrical circuit problems, the second set of four tapes invites viewers to focus on the actual diagnosis and repair of lighting systems, instruments and accessories, including: horns, windshield wipers, headlights, turn signals and hazard lights, car radios, and high-tech radar and sonar navigation systems.

Author: Delmar
ISBN: 9781401804282

Format: PDF
Size: 32.78 Mb


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