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Workability and Quality Control of Concrete

This book is a successor to the author's highly successful 'Workability of Concrete' published in 1976 and, again, is written specifically for practising engineers and concrete technologists. It incorporates the results of a further 15 years research and develops the treatment of workability as a property to be measured in terms of two constants, which was introduced in the earlier book. The scientific basis is simply explained and used for the description of very practical methods and apparatus. This leads to elucidation of problems surrounding the topic of workability and to an account of the potential for quality control. The validity and limitations of standard methods of workability assessment are fully considered and there are several chapters on the effects on workability of the properties and proportions of mix constituents.

Author: G. H. Tattersall
ISBN: 9780419148609
Pages: 272 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 35.70 Mb


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