Download Creep and Shrinkage of Concrete – Z. P. Bazant, I. Carol pdf

Creep and Shrinkage of Concrete

This book deals with recent advances in the field of creep and shrinkage of concrete and its effects in structures. Emphasis is placed on modern research topics including physics and micromechanics of creep and shrinkage, their probabilistic and statistical aspects, the development of more realistic material models and structural analysis methods, and long term serviceability of structures. This book forms the Proceedings of the Fifth RILEM Symposium on the subject and continues the tradition of previous symposia held in Munich in 1958 and 1968, Leeds in 1978 and Evanston in 1986. It includes 24 invited and principal lectures, and seven preliminary reports of RILEM committees, together with over 70 contributed papers from leading research centres in North America, Europe, the Far East and elsewhere. This book should be of interest to cement and concrete technologists and researchers, and structural engineers.

Author: Z. P. Bazant, I. Carol
ISBN: 9780419186304
Pages: 750 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 27.74 Mb


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