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Concrete Petrography

In the second part of the book, the chemical, the mineralogical composition and the microfabrics of concretes and related materials are discussed. An illustrated guide to the features that can be observed and identified using a petrological microscope is given. There is an extensive review of the defects, deterioration and failures which can occur in concrete together with the observations and petrographic evidence relating to them. Extensive use has been made of illustrative examples in colour which together with appropriate discussion will assist the engineer as well as both the trainee and experienced petrographer in understanding the nature of the evidence which is basic to petrographic analysis. An extensive glossary of optical and other properties of minerals found in concretes completes this practical handbook.

Author: Don St.John, A. Poole, I. Sims
ISBN: 9780415503037

Format: PDF
Size: 20.64 Mb


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