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Resolving Construction Disputes

Construction disputes are expensive and are best resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible. Resolving Contract Disputes deals with dispute avoidance through the good drafting of contract documents and good contract administration. It then explores the various methods to assist parties in planning a stepped contractual route to resolution. The main forms of dispute resolution are also examined including litigation and what may generally be referred to as ADR. Uniquely, this book proceeds further by looking into the role of evidence in, and the cost implications of, the resolution. Especially useful for the international community, this book covers standard forms of building contracts used throughout the world, namely, JCT, AAA, FIDIC, HKIA, PAM, SIA and PSSCOC contracts. All those who are involved in resolving construction disputes whether owner/developer, contractor, sub-contractor and supplier, consultant, lawyers, or claims consultant, will find this book useful.

Author: Philip Chan
ISBN: 9780415450430
Pages: 576 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 15.42 Mb


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