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HAPM Component Life Manual

HAPM Component Life Manual has broken new ground, it is the first document to provide extensive life-span assessments (suitable for insurance purposes) for a wide range of building components which are classified within the concept of quality specifications. A further benefit is that it does not seek to be prescriptive. It indicative 'benchmarks' against which new or differing specifications can be assessed, in that sense it is both robust and flexible. The concept of the manual is simple yet profound. Seven component groups contain a range of component types and sub-types each of which has been given a life class designation. The life classes embrace good practice, a normal amount of maintenance and typical exposure conditions. If a new component does not match an existing HAPM class, then a new 'benchmark' can be defined and a life assigned.

Author: Publications Ltd. HAPM
ISBN: 9780415557788

Format: PDF
Size: 13.62 Mb


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