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Which Form of Building Contract?

There is a proliferation of forms of building contract, and it is essential that the correct form is used for a particular project. Indeed, it is arguable that a professional who advises a client to use the wrong form of contract is guilty of professional negligence. Certainly, the use of the wrong form may seriously damage a client or indeed a contractor. Some contractors allow for bills of quantities, some for specifications, some for nominated sub-contractors and others for names sub-contractors. Some forms are agreed across the inductry and others are drafted by one organisation. The extents to which they provide mechanisms for an extension of time, loss, expense, certification, and termination vary considerably. The book contains authoritative advice on choosing the correct procurement route and the appropriate contract to put the procurement route in operation. It operates on two levels: providing a quick method of choice through diagrams and tables, and a fuller guide to the essential differences between contracts and what they mean.Anyone who ever needs to decide on procurement or contracts should find this useful, whether an architect, a project manager, a quantity surveyor, a engineer, or a sophisticated client. Students taking professional practice examinations should find it helpful too.

Author: David Chappell, Derek Marshall, Lawrence Johnston, David Chappell Consultancy Ltd
ISBN: 9780415243360
Pages: 192 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 18.68 Mb


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