Download General Engine Diagnosis and Cooling Systems: Video Set 1 – Delmar pdf

General Engine Diagnosis and Cooling Systems: Video Set 1

This two-set video series uses live action footage, high-quality graphics, and professional animations to provide viewers with a complete introduction to the world of engine diagnosis and cooling system repair. The first set of four videos reveals how skilled automotive technicians verify and interpret engine concerns, such as: unusual engine noises and vibrations, excessive oil consumption, and abnormal engine exhaust color. Once diagnosed, these videos provide clear, step-by-step instruction in how to perform appropriate engine vacuum tests, as well as cylinder power balance, compression, and leakage tests to determine necessary actions. The second set of four tapes provides insights into how to perform oil pressure, cooling system, cap, and recovery system tests; inspect oil pump gears or rotors, drive belts, tensioners, pulleys, and heating system and cooling system hoses; and replace defective water pumps, radiators, fans, oil temperature and pressure switches.

Author: Delmar
ISBN: 9781401804121

Format: PDF
Size: 35.03 Mb


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