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Design of Structural Elements

This book provides an introduction to the design of structural elements in concrete, steel, timber and masonry. It is aimed at students of civil and structural engineering on degree, HNC and HND courses. It is fully up to date with British standards and codes and includes a special section on the new Eurocodes. The task of the structural engineer is to design structures which satisfy the needs of the client and user, are structurally sound, economical and aesthetically pleasing. Design involves, first, the comparison of alternative solutions and materials, using engineering judgement and instinct, followed by detailed design using the selected material. The second stage is more dependant upon a thorough understanding of current codes of practice. Design of Structural Elements deals with the second stage by considering the design of beams, columns, slabs etc in concrete, steel, timber and masonry. The introduction explains the principles and philosophy of design before dealing with basic techniques and structural concepts. Design of elements in concrete, steel, masonry and timber is then dealt with in separate chapters.Finally the layout and design procedures of the new Eurocodes for concrete and steel structures are introduced and the main differences in approach to existing codes are explained. The book is planned to provide an accessible and easy to follow approach to structural design, with numerous worked examples and illustrations to guide the student.

Author: C. Ayra, P.J. Wright, C. Arya
ISBN: 9780419176206
Pages: 384 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 31.75 Mb


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