Download Management of Construction Projects : A Constructor's Perspective – John Schaufelberger, Len Holm pdf

Management of Construction Projects : A Constructor's Perspective

For courses in Construction Project Management, Construction Project Administration, and Capstone courses in Construction Management. Written from the perspective of the general contractor's project manager, this comprehensive text illustrates the team approach to project management that is prevalent in private sector construction. Using a single commercial construction project to illustrate the skills, knowledge, tools and techniques needed to be a successful project manager, the authors present each topic in the sequence the project manager would address them. The focus is on the individual management processes and techniques needed to manage a project with a review of management tools used in the performance of these processes.

Author: John Schaufelberger, Len Holm
ISBN: 9780130846785
Pages: 433 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 31.57 Mb


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