Download Radiant Floor Heating : Retrofit and Installation – Roger D. Woodson, Zoe G. Foundotos pdf

Radiant Floor Heating : Retrofit and Installation

Old as the Romans, "Radiant Floor Heating" is what customers want today! Customer demand has made in-floor radiant heat the fastest growing sector of the home heating market. And no wonder. This healthy, quiet, economical, and clean method of heating – invented in the Roman empire – is now also durable and reliable, thanks to new materials and advances.This guide from master plumber, longtime contractor, and renowned how-to author R. Dodge Woodson brings plumbing and construction pros (and even savvy do-it-yourselfers) all the details and know-how needed to: understand and explain the advantages of in-floor radiant heating; install, test, and debug embedded and dry radiant heat systems in new or existing homes; create heating zones for variable temperatures throughout a house; offer hot water heating as part of your system; heat seldom-used areas and provide outdoor ice removal and other add-on amenities; select superior equipment – tubing, boilers, expansion tanks, pumps, and controls; troubleshoot and repair system problems; and, avoid common errors and mishaps.Radiant heating is hot!More and more customers want in-floor radiant heat because of these benefits: low cost operation, installation, and equipment; healthy and cozy warmth for lower body without overheating upper body; quieter and cleaner than forced air systems; and, can be combined with hot water heating for additional savings.

Author: Roger D. Woodson, Zoe G. Foundotos
ISBN: 9780071347860
Pages: 304 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 31.51 Mb


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