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Basic Firefighting Video: Portable Fire Extinguishers No 3

The perfect complement to our Firefighter's Handbook, this set of four videos leads viewers, step-by-step, through processes and procedures used every day by highly trained firefighters on the job. Available on video or CD-ROM, each tape uses a unique blend of simulated action sequences, professional-quality animations, and helpful graphics to assist viewers in acquiring vitally important technical knowledge and hands-on skills – safely and efficiently. The first video provides complete and extraordinarily detailed instruction in donning, doffing, maintenance, and care of all types of personal protective clothing. Self-contained breathing apparatus is the focus of the second video in the set, while the third video stresses the proper use of portable fire extinguishers to fight all classes of fires. The final video illustrates the when, where, and how of safely using and caring for ground and aerial ladders. In addition to developing practical skills, when viewed in its entirety, this exciting video set equips viewers with the knowledge needed to make sound decisions about the use and care of personal and protective equipment in even the most highly charged firefighting situations.

Author: Delmar
ISBN: 9780766841024

Format: PDF
Size: 21.12 Mb


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