Download Construction Project Scheduling – Michael Callahan, James Rowings, Daniel Quackenbush pdf

Construction Project Scheduling

This text teaches students more than just the technical aspects of a Critical Path Method (CPM) schedule. With this text, students go a step further, and learn how to make the CPM schedule into a usable document for project management. After using this book, students should know the basic details of a network schedule, and its construction applications. The text provides practical instruction on mangement of time and resources, including advice on how to deal with delays and time extensions. It also explain the use of certain subroutines that are available in common software packages. A solutions manual is available.

Author: Michael Callahan, James Rowings, Daniel Quackenbush
ISBN: 9780070097018
Pages: 439 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 14.28 Mb


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