Download Auto Brake Sys 2 Tp 3 ABS Serv – Delmar pdf

Auto Brake Sys 2 Tp 3 ABS Serv

New from Delmar, today's leading automotive publisher, this two-part automotive brake systems series contains 160 minutes of live action video and professional-quality animations. Whether used independently, or as a supplement to any automotive technology book, each tape guides viewers to a more complete understanding of the theory underlying brake operation, diagnosis, troubleshooting, and repair procedures. The first set of four tapes features an introduction to how brakes work as well as specific diagnosis and repair procedures for drum, disk, and hydraulic brakes. The second set of tapes invites viewers to focus specifically on anti-lock brakes, as well as troubleshooting, service, and state-of-the-art electrical and electronic brake components. In all of the tapes, actual automotive technicians, authentic automotive repair shops, and late-model vehicles are used to ensure that information is presented as realistically as possible.

Author: Delmar
ISBN: 9780766843165

Format: PDF
Size: 25.71 Mb


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