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Buried Pipe Design

With many new features and updates, the second edition of the definitive work on buried pipe systems saves engineers time as the only available one-stop source for complete design and implementation guidance. From soil parameters to disposal and beyond, Moser's "Buried Pipe Design" is the only guide you need for comprehensive underground piping answers. It's the one sourcebook that both seasoned experts and novices turn to, for projects large and small. New to this edition are: reference to new standards from ASTM, AWWA; new safety section; new section on trenchless technology; revised section on cyclic stress on PVC; data on the latest products, such as profile-wall polyethylene; numerous design examples added; civil; environmental; water; and municipal.

Author: A.P. Moser
ISBN: 9780070435032
Pages: 544 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 11.77 Mb


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