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The Fire Inside : Firefighters Talk about Their Lives

The Fire Inside is a compelling, emotionally charged collection of interviews with America's bravest – firefighters – who candidly reveal the highs and lows of the world's most dangerous profession. Journalist Steve Delsohn's interviews with hundreds of firefighters give vivid glimpses into the real world of the men and women who risk their lives in battle every day during fire rescues, natural disasters, and medical emergencies.There is more to being a firefighter than most people know – the professional or volunteer firefighter must find different kinds of courage as he or she copes with injuries, earthquakes, hazardous waste, wildfire, and arson. And what drives each firefighter is complex, too. Some are bound to the profession by family tradition; others know they were never meant for nine-to-five. What unites them are their poignant stories and the courage they manage to find.In their own words, these firefighters explore what it is about themselves that drives them to run into burning buildings and meet disaster head-on while everyone else is running out. They describe the adrenaline rush and pride that got them started and keeps them climbing back onto the fire truck, frankly discussing the emotional toll their jobs have taken on themselves and their families.

Author: Steve Delsohn
ISBN: 9780060176655
Pages: 269 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 28.35 Mb


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