Download Study Guide for the Firefighter Interview – Shawn Cooligan, Keith Manser pdf

Study Guide for the Firefighter Interview

The goal of this insightful book is to prepare aspiring and current firefighters for effective and professional fire department entrance interviews. Practical topics such as recommended attire, language choice, and appropriate responses prepare you for presenting in an interview, while topics such as formulating an answer, developing alternatives and options, and avoiding common interview errors help you face the challenges of the question and answer session. The book describes the importance of interview preparation and outlines several areas that require background knowledge and research. It also provides a framework to structure your overall preparation in order to avoid canned answers and emphasize your unique qualifications, leading to success in acquiring the job.

Author: Shawn Cooligan, Keith Manser
ISBN: 9781418050726
Pages: 192 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 19.83 Mb


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