Download Tools for Success in the Soft Skill Construction Industry : Soft Skills for the Construction Industry – Steven A. Rigolosi, Michael L. Stilley pdf

Tools for Success in the Soft Skill Construction Industry : Soft Skills for the Construction Industry

Construction workers are some of the best-trained and most highly skilled people in the country. But there is much more to success in construction than technical, or "hard," skills. Equally important are the "soft" skills– those skills that make a worker a valued member of the team. By getting along with your co-workers, reporting to work on time, and communicating effectively, you can increase your ability to get, keep, and be promoted on your job. This book is designed to teach you the soft skills.It will offer you helpful tips on how to: * Develop and maintain a good attitude toward your work and your job * Build a positive relationship with your supervisor * Work effectively in teams * Get along with co-workers from different cultures and backgrounds * Listen well and speak clearly * Read carefully and write effectively * Manage stress * Solve problems * Think critically * Resolve conflict * Work with difficult people * Give and receive constructive criticism * Avoid sexual harassment * Deal with drug and alcohol abuse on the job Each module in this book features materials designed to help you master these soft skills: * Each module begins with a Self-Assessment Quiz designed to help you become more aware of some issues you'll face on the job. * Next, the module provides a series of checklists and suggestions for how to develop each individual soft skill. * At the end of the module, an On the Job Quiz asks you to apply your new skills to various situations you're likely to encounter at work. * Finally, Activities and Group Activities give you further opportunities to practice and hone your skills. Tools for Success is the first book of its kind.Unlike other books that teach soft skills, this text was specifically written for construction workers. Everything you will read will be practical, and all of it will be useful in your construction career. This book will give you the skills you need to complement your trade skills and give you the edge you need to excel in the construction industry.

Author: Steven A. Rigolosi, Michael L. Stilley
ISBN: 9780130259271
Pages: 220 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 28.37 Mb


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