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Professional Pool Maintenance Manual

This guide to the water maintenance trade covers all aspects of pools, spas and other recreational water containment units. Every angle of the trade is covered, from design and construction to lighting, winterizing, fibre-glassing, tiling, and trouble-shooting and repairing expansion joints. Some major areas covered include: basic and advanced plumbing systems; pumps, motors, horsepower and hydraulics; filters and heaters; water chemistry; and special procedures and equipment. In addition, Tamminen discusses water services as a business as well as a trade, covering start-up, pricing, billing, dealing with wholesalers, communicating with customers and liability. A resource list of manufacturers, wholesalers, associations and publications is included, along with a list of "business booster" services.

Author: Terry Tamminen
ISBN: 9780070614079
Pages: 496 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 23.72 Mb


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