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Design of Prestressed Concrete

The design of structures in general, and prestressed concrete structures in particular, requires considerably more information than is contained in building codes. A sound understanding structural behaviour at all stages of loading is essential. The aim of this book is to present a detailed description and explanation of the behaviour of prestressed concrete members and structures both at service loads and at ultimate loads and, in doing so, provide a comprehensive guide to design. The design criteria and procedures contained in several major building codes, including ACI 318-83, BS 8110:1985, and AS 3600-1988, are also presented. Each aspect of the analysis and design of fully-prestressed and partially-prestressed concrete members is approached from first principles and illustrated by worked examples. The text is written for senior undergraduate and post-graduate students of civil and structural engineering and also for practising structural engineers.

Author: R.I. Gilbert, N.C. Mickleborough
ISBN: 9780044454038
Pages: 544 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 35.64 Mb


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